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Trusted Acrylic Manufacturer In Malaysia

Acrylic Signature is one the leader in fabrication of acrylic display product, we are able to customize fabricated plastic sheets to any specifications to suit your requirements. Our company was established in Malaysia by a group of dedicated professionals who have more than 10 years of specialized knowledge in the acrylic business since April 2006. Our manufacturing set-up includes customs made of all kind of acrylic, laser cutting, inkjet printing, event, promotion and etc.

As a specialist in acrylic, we are able to build our reputation as a reliable organization, which ensures customers satisfaction. In order to improve our product quality, we continually invest and upgrade our machines and equipment, keeping abreast the latest trend in production technologies. We also value your business and recognize the importance of your time so we do focus on good workmanship, prompt delivery and efficient after sales support.

We have been established strong business relationship with a lot of customers. Our mission is to have a positive attitude to deliver good quality products that meets customer’s requirement, to prove our expertise and continue our commercial expertise in providing excellent quality assurance maintenance. We promise to supply high quality products and efficient services at reasonable price. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

What we provide

  • Acrylic indoor & outdoor signages
  • EG/ Stainless steel LED box up signages
  • Acrylic cosmetic display stand & tester bar
  • Acrylic pop stand/spec card holders
  • Acrylic brochure & information holders
  • Acrylic menu stands
  • Acrylic suggestion boxes
  • Counter islands
  • Acrylic photo frames/magnetic frame/poster sandwich
  • Acrylic product showcases & floor stands
  • Neon LED Sign
  • Flatbed uv printing/silkscreening/Inkjet printing sticker
  • Signage & sticker installation

As specialists in the acrylic display industry, we also provide others services including:

Acrylic cutting & routing

We use laser and router cutting equipment to cut acrylic to your specified size and angle.


Milling half setting holes to the required size of your products comes with ease with our router machine, so you can have your product sit on the acrylic the way you want it to.


We can incorporate various texts, logos, and other designs on the acrylic so that your display will reflect your preferences.


We use UV bonding and heater to strengthen all joints to ensure its proper alignment and we also able to bend the acrylic to the desired shape and angle.


We provide polishing service after cutting the acrylic to shape to a smooth finish, it is used to avoid dull and yellowish edges.

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